LPDDR, 也被称为LPDRAM, 代表"低功耗双数据速率存储器", 最常用于移动设备.

美光的LPDDR内存解决方案支持快速, high-bandwidth data rates without compromising power efficiency. 了解美光的LPDDR沙巴体育结算平台系列,包括 LPDDR5X, LPDDR5, LPDDR4为 智能手机, laptop, 汽车, 数据中心, and consumer 应用程序.



Micron’s complete LPDDR memory portfolio has you covered for any application you can imagine. Micron has the expertise and customer support to bring your 应用程序 to life. 与我们的 支持网络 讨论您的LPDDR需求.



Micron LPDDR5X is the flagship low-power memory solution for 应用程序 needing the fastest speeds and lowest power profile. 要了解更多信息,请单击下面查找我们的LPDDR5X数据表.


Micron LPDDR5 combines low power consumption and fast speeds for any power conscious application from 汽车 to mobile to thin and light laptops. 要了解更多信息,请点击下面找到我们的LPDDR5数据表.


Micron offers LPDDR4 in a wide variety of package sizes and temperature ratings for industrial and 汽车 应用程序. 请参阅我们的LPDDR4数据表了解更多信息.


Micron offers extended legacy support for our older LPRAM product lines with a variety of technologies, 包装和温度等级. To learn more, click below to find our LPSDR, LPDDR, LPDDR2, and LPDDR3 datasheets.




The benefits of low-power double data-rate memory has been realized by many market segments causing it to be adopted far beyond 智能手机s.



美光领先的智能手机内存是专门为 mobile 释放下一代 5G and AI 用户体验.

LPDDR for mobile phones >
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Client PC

笔记本电脑用户需要更多的移动体验. 美光的LPDDR系列 笔记本内存沙巴体育结算平台 help system architects achieve the delicate balance of high-performance and power efficiency, 同时保持薄而轻的外形因素.

LPDDR for client PCs >


The low power, high-bandwidth benefits of mobile LPDDR memory enables essential 汽车 车载信息娱乐等应用, critical safety and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

LPDDR for 汽车 >


LPDDR provides the best performance per watt for AI inferencing and large language models in cloud 数据中心, providing greater architectural design flexibility to meet the demands of the next generation 数据中心.

LPDDR for 数据中心 >


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Micron enables the future of generative AI by providing advanced memory and storage solutions. Read our press release to see how Micron collaborates with Qualcomm to accelerate generative AI at the edge for flagship smartphones.

Read the LPDDR5X press release >

Delivering the industry's first 汽车 functional safety LPDDR5 memory

Micron’s Steffen Buch talks about what functional safety is and how Micron is delivering the industry’s first ISO 26262 ASIL-D-certified 汽车 LPDDR memory.

Watch our functional safety video >

Micron LPDDR5 powers today’s most advanced smartphone experiences

The flexibility of Micron LPDDR5 brings higher performance and lower energy consumption to a wide range of mobile devices, 提供摄影, gaming and livestreaming experiences that were previously reserved for flagship smartphones.

Watch the LPDDR5 video >


Learn about the LPDRAM that's embedded in your smartphone and ways that mobile memory enables exceptional 5G and AI 用户体验. Michael Josh from GadgetMatch explains the basics of mobile memory.

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What are the differences between LPDDR products and standard DRAM products?
LPDDR products generally operate at a lower voltage than standard DRAM products and are beneficial to any power conscious application. This is why they are sometimes known as LPDRAM, which stands for "low-power DRAM" memory. Each generation of LPDDR products — for example LPDDR4 vs LPDDR5 — comes with additional features like improved bandwidth or power stand-by options.
  • LPDDR3 vs DDR3 — while LPDDR3 has higher latency than DDR3, its lower power usage makes it suitable for a range of ultra-portable devices.
  • LPDDR4X vs DDR4 - DDR4 RAM工作在1.2V比1.1V.对于LPDDR4. This lower power requirement has been extended with LPPDR4X vs DDR4, 哪一种能在低至0的电压水平下工作.6V.
  • LPDDR5 vs DDR5 — a device using LPDDR memory will be more power-efficient, 这意味着电池续航时间更长. However, there is a trade-off with DDR5's faster data transfer speeds.
Can standard DRAM products be swapped out for LPDRAM products?
有时. The system processor has to be able to recognize and communicate with a LPDRAM product. Depending on the type of processor, some will recognize both DRAM or LPDDR protocol. 还有各种各样的形式, fit and functional differences that can prohibit interchangeability.
Any application that is power conscious can benefit from the low power features of LPDDR products. If the device runs on a battery, it can benefit from LPDDR.
DRAM frequency refers to the percentage of data transferred per second — increasing frequency increases the amount of data that can be transferred at any given time. Frequency can be adjusted by changing the power voltage going into the memory chip, 超频的基础是什么.